Group Sessions





12 People Maximum per Group.

This means you get plenty of individual coaching per session.

A great place to start your fitness adventure experienced or new to exercise. Break out of the stuffy studios and breath in the fresh Cornish air whilst meeting new people and developing your bodies abilities. Every session aims to work towards your personal goals and coach you on why it helps reach your goals.

Sessions are kept small so you get the result you want.


Train all aspects of your body with Body Blast. Camps aim to improve specific movements and all around fitness. Sessions include strength aspects for  increasing strength and tone, then have a fitness component that can include circuit based challenges with sprint/shuttles, kettlebells, sleds, carries and much more. Alll can be tailored to any ability level from the beginner to experienced.

Current: 28th Feb- 7th Apr

Book Soon for next Camp:

25th Apr-26th May


A low intensity Yoga blending postural and mobility exercsies to make you feel and move better in day to day life. Perfect for any level of fitness; from those starting to move through to athletes looking for a more gentle recovery session after a hardweeks training.

Mon & Fri


Training Camps- Prices advertised with camp dates

Booking Essential for Training Camps.

Sessions take place at Camborne RFC, TR14 7PW.



Hydration is vital in the journey to a happy and healthy  body.

Therefore water is provided at every session to keep you hydrated and ready to attack the day

Recovery is where all your hard work is realised. We encourage you to bring a snack to eat straight after the session to kick start that recovery process.

Toilets are available

What you wear is important when training with nature.

In the summer months a hat and light clothes to protect from the sun is essential.

When nature decides the land need watering a light rain jacket and trousers are suggested.

On cold days lots of light layers are preferable, so you can take layers off as you work harder.


Session can take place outdoors in ALL ELEMENTS.

However, in extreme weather we train in the container gym

Be prepared for mud making its way onto your clothing and body.

FAST Coaches will provide bowls of warm water to wash yourself down at the end of the sessionson.